About us Teknika Group s.r.o.

About The Teknika Group s.r.o. Company

We have been dealing with the automatic entrance systems into premises for about 20 years. This fact is connected with the actual construction and production of special locksmith articles. If possible, we take the operating mechanisms and consecutive controlling technology from the Czech companies. We continue our work using our 20 year experience in preparation and development of the investment units. 

By the end of the year 2014 we accoplished about 1000 implementations. Part of our work is shown in the „photogalery“ section of the web pages www.teknika.cz.

Recently we have extended our offer with the entrance pollers and folding roadblocks which could be easily mounted on the surface of the road, both for a good price. We also carry out commissioned builder´s work. All the entrance equipment is controlled by the radio signal - with the use of a key tag, a card or a chip. It is also possible to use a remote control to check all the devices. Part of our delivery is a detailed assembly documentation and traning of people who are going to opearate it.